Workers Compensation

Helping an injured worker return to work is a team effort. Health providers play a vital role in facilitating an injured worker’s return to work. The workers’ compensation and injury management scheme relies on health providers, employers and insurers working together to achieve the best outcome for the injured worker.

A treating doctor has a clear role in the injury management process, which includes:

  • Diagnosis, primary care and coordination of medical treatment
  • Establishing, in their opinion, whether the diagnosis does/does not correlate with the injury as described by the patient
  • Reviewing the injured worker’s medical condition
  • Liaising with the employer or employer’s representative to facilitate an injured worker’s maintenance in or return to work
  • Referring for workplace rehabilitation assistance where required
  • Reporting specified industrial diseases to WorkSafe within 14 days of the first consultation with the injured worker
  • For further information consult workcover website at

  • clinipath
  • University of Western Australia
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